Open Eyed Journey

In plain technical aspects of magical exploration and transmutation there are many known “tricks” and “steps” to connect Your awareness to the perspective in reality that you wish to experience, for what ever reason, at that particular moment.
Visualization for example, or defocusing your physical eyes, defocusing the mind…etc …etc.
All connect or transport you, if you will, to the perspective of reality, some are used constantly and for various things (visualization for example) and others for more specific things (defocusing of the eyes as a part of technique for seeing auras for example).

Visualization is important to connect your awareness to the astral plane and subsequently in part to all others but it leads you only so far in connecting manifestations in “other worlds” to the three dimensional reality, your awareness inhabits twentyfour hours a day.

“As visualization is important for the step from ‘daydreaming’ to actively and consciously exploring other types of existence and your own higher type of existence, i believe that ‘opened eyed’ visualization is equally important for the next step, connecting to other planes of existence through the plane you most frequently are aware in, three dimensional world we all cohabit in.”

See Beyond the world around you

See wonder on the other side of Veil of reality.

Traveling through other worlds with eyes open “as they are closed” brings together various different techniques to connect, in a way fashion a portal, to other worlds. 
You don’t have the sanctity of your inner eye, the comforting darkness of your “inner mind”. You are “out here”, “exposed”. 
You have to “deal”, or rather “not deal”, with any “intrusions” and “distractions” from “outer world”. Those cause you “falling out” from the focus and similar problems, and for not trained sufficiently in focus it can be a serious problem.
Overcoming that, you can have almost the same experience as with closed eyes. 
But bringing even more focus, and not “deleting” the “outer world” and making your “own darkness”, it merges the outer and inner worlds to ever more detailed and extraordinary degree.

This approach requires very fine and refined focus of the mind. It is also important not to lose “contact” with “outer world” by closing eyes or completely disconnecting yourself from it.

“Complete disconnection happens when you raise your frequency and your awareness switches completely to another perception. As you practice with eyes opened you will be able to have awareness in higher dimensions along with the part of focus in corporeal reality your awareness inhabits most of the time.”

Also to much weighting your self down and focusing to lowest plane would result in losing the awareness in higher dimensions. The focus has to be “just right” like in all types of focus through other worldly roads. 

Off course, this technique works in higher realms too.
When traveling from one “plane of existence” to another there is always a specific type of focus or stance you have to make in order to “pass”, in other words to “raise your frequency”.
Sometimes its done unconsciously and sometimes specific techniques are employed.
With this technique of “opened eyes” it is possible to have that specific kind of “dual view” (but not firmly held to any perspective) from, for example, astral plane to titanic realms, and thus making “a portal” between those two realms. And by “portal” i mean a more “firm” and “manifested” connection between two realms (in accordance to “physics” in those realms) than for example “just teleporting”. In essence the portal, or conduit, between two different planes of density is You, your perception, awareness and focus that is.

All of us are and should be portals

Each and every sorcerer is the portal to other worlds by merely existing.

That kind of connection residually stays for a brief time in three dimensional world as in others.
In three dimensional world it can be observed (even when ritual or exploration is complete) by flashes of light and black specks randomly appearing, also the area has an “unexplainable” but distinct “strange feeling”, it could be misty, watery, warm and fiery…etc, depending on the nature of “other world” to which the gate was opened.



“In such a way of keeping the portal, as yourself, opened you can more firmly manifest energies in three dimensional reality.
Also much practical magical actions, as protection spells and such, can be better trained that way to becoming a simple subconscious reaction, not unlike moving your finger or batting an eyelash.”

That way many rituals and spells can be danced out in what ever environment you find yourself in, with the same focused and energetically charged way as you do in the sanctity of your home in peace. To be able to do that is of crucial importance in this day and age, because a sorcerer is not a sorcerer only in the surroundings with which you are familiar with and in which you have the luxury of your personal peace void from outside influences.

Magic is done in the world, where ever and in what ever situation, sometimes you have sanctity of your home, sometimes you don’t, as a sorcerer dance of magic is your primary tool and weapon in what ever situation or environment Life throws at you.