Crystalised Life

The Crystal Mind…

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal (SiO4), many types of crystals have quartz base.
Quartz crystals are very versatile and very energetic.

Imagine yourself with a pulse of your heart measured in a thousands of years.
When your age of youth is counted in millions of human years.
Your consciousness stretched over a grid like matrix, pulsating, back and forth, ebbing and flowing like the oceans of sentience.
In the physical realm, you are unmovable, solid, constant, made up of various chemical elements, solidified and crystalised. As the oxygen in human body gives you strength and fire to burn in your blood, so the oxygen in this rocky body gives you solidity for your pulse to traverse on your matrix. Carbon in animal body perpetuates itself, making chains and links, in an organic network, burning other elements in a fast beat of Life.
Crystal matrix of Silicon gives you the stage for that same beat, thump of Life, in its own self entanglement, adding various elements to itself to fuel your growth towards uniqueness.
Bodies of animals and plants have similar network in themselves as well, made up from cells, from neurons in the brain, from water molecules in the organism. The beat along that web of information is much faster, in that way organism deteriorates and ages more quickly. When the limit of old age is removed much can be achieved in the field of magical, energetical and in the end spiritual, growth.

“Imagine, that great spiritual wise men of old were in the bodies of stones, that Buddha for example was a quartz crystal and not a human, what would he achieve from this corporeal plane, before continuing on his journey to the next one, then, what would he discover and learn to tell and transfer to others searching for knowledge.”

Golden Calcite

Golden Calcite is part of the Calcite ( CaCO3 ) family of crystals. It is energetically warm and protective stone with higher vibration frequency.

That solid and slow body does not need much food, particles of elements connecting to you here and there throughout the vast sea of time.
Less need for nutrients for your body, from what ever it may compose, means no movement and no interaction in the corporeal plane of existence.
But just outside crude physical world is where the magic of that, solid and seemingly dead, form of Life unfolds. In that shell your mind is completely free to roam astral planes and above, to soar skies of imagination and to traverse the cosmic distances with thoughts alone. Secrets and memories of the Earth, on whose anvil that body is carefully forged with no time limit in mind, are in your memory, your experience. Beat by beat, slowly and surely in that way you experience rise and flow of tides in the oceans, crumbling down of mountains and emergence of new ones, asteroids and comets hurdling down from space to the surface, animal species being born, thriving and falling away to dust. Through that time you endure and enlarge your sentience, dreaming, remembering and experiencing.
There is time, there is no rush, you are almost eternal.
With time, right crystal body will be at the right place, if it truly wants and it’s soul has the will to do it, to learn, remember and experience more. Waiting in the cliffside of a mountain millions of years for a bipedal animal to collect you and move you just where you want to be, to entangle yourself in the dance of Life on Earth and beyond even more.

“Who needs legs when you have time on your side.”

That is the life and mind of a crystal. One of the greatest allies Mother Nature has created.
They can live in a type of symbiotic relationship with other consciousnesses, be it a plant, and animal or a god.
They are cosmic dancers and players in their own right, and dancing with them opens up whole new perspectives and outlooks on the Creation.
Adept healers, powerful sorcerors and close friends can be found in the souls of crystals.
Tuned in with the vibration of a crystalline life form in your hand, relaxed and in meditative state of mind, you can unlock the secrets and experiences accumulated through thousands of years. When a human animal slows down its thought processes and its energetical vibration it can harmonize it’s frequency with that of a crystal matrix in the stone, and than communication can begin.
In traveling the finer and more subtle planes of existence in the Universe they can offer irreplaceable help and support, safety and even guardianship.
Remember, those are beings that don’t need nourishment in the same sense as human body does, those crystalline forms of life do exactly that for millennia while being anchored to their three dimensional corporeal bodies.
When you let energy of a crystal in you it envelops and entwines your energetical body with its patterns, colours and shapes. You dive down deep into the center of a stone and together you can explore space, history, present and future.
There are known properties of crystals for physical healing and influence on the body and uses in magic with its correspondences as well but often some “finer” and subtle properties are ignored and not explored to full extent.

“When in the company of a gemstone or a crystal always remember that it is a Living being.”

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known and used for more than 7000 years. From mundane uses such as jewelry to arcane and occult uses. It is a deep meditative and introspective stone leading you on the deep journey within yourself or into the depths of Cosmos.

Sorcerous Stones

Life forms in such solid and slow bodies, with what passes for metabolism cycles in that kind of form lasting for thousands even millions of years, have access to specific energy and thought patterns throughout the planet and the universe in general.
Slowness of form invites slowness of thought and more apparent crystallization of energies from higher realms of existence all the way to three dimensional plane, where that can even be measured in the form of small electrical charges and benevolent influence on its environment, for example healing stones on a human body.

“Crystals can be, and indeed many of them are, sorcerers, some are even quite powerful.”

Labradorite Ball

Labradorite ((Ca, Na)(Al, Si)4O8) is made as the gasses are trapped under pressure giving it unique shimmering color as the light falls on its surface. In magic used for divination and astral traveling for example. This piece is carved into a ball.

Have in mind that as far as spiritual and magical exploration is concerned that they have more time at their disposal doing exactly the same stuff with their “mind” as You or I. Some gather experience by being in a company and working closely with powerful organically embodied beings, humans or animals, and some gather experience on their own. When meditating with a powerful crystal a whole new realm of possibilities opens up.
You and that crystal can sometimes connect and become one for all intents and purposes, imagery in meditation and journey through various places in non corporeal realms can become infused with the patterns and shapes of a crystal, a special form of intuitive light and shape interface emerges which is the combination of stone’s soul language and your soul speak.
We all have seen in meditations and travels the specific imagery for each and every one of us, that is, our specific subconscious patterns with which the subtle realms are painted, for each individual it is a bit different.

“When traveling with a crystal there are two individuals traveling together, two subconsciousness so to speak, and the patterns, colors and shapes are a bit different than usual.”

Knowledge and experience gained in meditation is remembered by the crystal. In my personal experience by some large transformative journeys for me some stones were irreversibly changed, mutated alongside my being.
That is the true symbiotic relationship of two very different living beings in the physical realm exploring together and learning in the higher planes of eternity.

“That which has infused the crystal stays in it, even after the lifetime of the human that journeyed with it for a few seconds of its life from a stones viewpoint.”

Others who come across that particular stone can learn from its secrets and experiences, if the living rock allows them and it is willing to share.
Everything alive has a character and personality in a sense, humans, animals, plants and even crystals. Some are more forthcoming and open and others are more secluded into themselves and there are some that are even what would you call “mean”.
That is the way of everything alive in the Universe and the way of personal dance of every Living being.

Vehicle of a Rock

As you are connected with a crystal mental, spiritual and energy wise there is a possibility to manifest a kind of astral vehicle with particularly compatible and powerful stones. In such a way your thought and energy form of Yourself becomes infused with stones power, knowledge and expertise.
In minds eye often your astral body assumes some of the properties of the specific crystal, as physical ( colour, patterns..etc) so energetically as well ( various energetical properties of a specific stone, such as divinationary abilities, purifying, deeper insight, better magical sight …etc ).

“Certain way of traveling the non corporeal dimensions and to and through certain paths is only possible with that kind of a stone life form vehicle.”

Chalcopyrite with Sphalerite

Chalcopyrite with Sphalerite, very earthly and grounding stone, leading you to the depths of the mysteries of the Planet, if You let it.

The specific way You are mutated and changed in this way of “riding” the energetical body of a crystal opens up myriad of new possibilities and perceptions in meditation and journey.
For example my experience with connecting to amazonite stone in such a way gives me the ability to transfer between realms and perspectives more subtile and gentler.
It helps me in a practical way that the vision and imagery in my minds eye stays more consistent and without loss of focus.
When i start to deconcentrate and lose focus, it slides me back in the center, that is the vehicle itself.

“Every stone, even in the same species, is different and differently affects different beings.”

It is possible that one person can connect her or him self and fashion an energetical vehicle in this way and the other can’t.
With stone life forms is same as with all other lifeforms, someone connects instantly with other human or animal person and they become friends and someone does not, it’s about combination of characters, minds and energies of two beings.
Also for fashioning a conglomeration of energetic bodies with you and the crystal, crystal has to be pretty energetically strong and the human as well. Sometimes in that type of traveling the universe and maintaining the energetical and mental connection experience can be pretty weird in a certain way. You could revolve around a something that seems to be the central point of You and the Stone that is “off center”, from your perspective, or the “direction” where you are headed through astral imagery can also seem somewhat awkward. That is because when you make “one” in such a way with another being, that is quite different in a physical plane of existence from your physical form, your perspectives converge but both of you have still a tiny bit of perspective on corporeal world, otherwise you would not get back from meditation into your body.

“Perspective and “sight” of corporeal realm in crystalline beings is radically different than of a human being, that is apparent even on the higher subtle dimensions of existence. “


Malachite, which is a form of copper crystallized and alive. Deep emotional stone and a friend who will not lie and mollycoddle you but will help you.

It needs a little getting used to, but then it is invaluable experience and a way to meditate and travel the Universe in such a way. Psychic attacks can also be fended of more easily that way, because of the pure added power and technique you have with the help of your stone partner. Energetical shields can be made more sturdy and infused with energy of a crystal, then they can be more effective, especially because the stone itself can know a few tricks and techniques you don’t and in that way help you in a dangerous situation.

“It is important to trust stone with which you work and relax with letting go of the various mental and conscious mental blocks.”

Yes, it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming and scary even, when your energetic body in meditation starts to sprout various patterns that the physical stone has, or changes color and shape.
By holding that back, by doubting and reasoning with the change you block interaction with you and crystal, just let go and see what will happen.

Kyanite in quartz

Kyanite (distine) in quartz, this is a very powerful and energetic stone and quite conductive of all types of energy. High quantity of aluminium in its physical body gives it the astral equivalent of aluminiums power as well.

…Allies and Friends of the Earth

In the conclusion, crystals and various other stone life forms can be a worthy allies and even friends.
By tuning in to the specific way to the “language” of a stone and realizing and experiencing that you can communicate with it, you will experience something profoundly opening and enriching. By experience and practice your journeys and meditations with this specific kinds of life forms will be more productive and deeper.
In time various crystals will become a necessary companion in your meditations.
Knowledge of healing and magical sympathetic properties of various crystals and minerals is known for a long time, but they are sometimes rarely explored beyond that point. How has the humanity even found out about some properties of a crystal ?
Someone explored some species of a crystal in that specific way and the knowledge sipped into books, stories and collective subconscious of the human race and got to us today.

“Each and every species of stone has a lot more properties and abilities than it seems at first glance or page of text read online about it, so its up to everybody to explore for themselves this magnificent realm of Life.”

Explore and expand your mind and senses to invite and involve into your spiritual and magical life stone lifeforms as allies and companions in a special symbiotic relationship that is available to you as a human being in this time incarnated on Gaia.
And remember that pulsation of fluids through veins, beating of hearth or some kind of movement is not the only thing that signifies Life in a Being.
Earth and the Universe is much more alive,strange and beautiful place than You or Me can imagine.