Perspectives on Creation

What is Creation ? 
What is the point of it ? 
How did it started in the first place and where does it leads ?

Those questions each and every sentient conscious Being can ask itself in one way or another and indeed it does.
So what is the definitive answer to those, especially concerning humankind and their questions of that and similar nature ?
Through human history there were, and still are, many religious, philosophical, spiritual and magical routs to try to answer definitively those kind of questions.
And the truth is, you can’t do that, nobody can answer those questions in a way that answer will suit and lead other conscious Beings towards the concept of All in a clear and definitive manner.

“Each and every Living Conscious Being has it’s own perspective on Creation, and while those perspectives may or may not share some common axioms and paths, no two perspectives of two Beings are exactly the same and they can not be in this type of Creation.”

The Universe, Creation, or All, if you will, perpetuates and spreads in that specific way.
There can not be two exactly the same ideas, Beings, energy and matter constructions in the universe.
There is always slight mutations and permutations that lead to more complexity and overall perpetuation of the Universe as a eternal, infinite, idea making machine.
Different perspectives create different movements, incentives and stances of Beings dancing in the Creation.
And Beings may differ extremely on their perspectives in the Universe and of the Universe but this does not cancel out those views and it is not prudent to assume that one of them is wrong.
Both are right in their own way, as along as both Beings are aware that they are a part of the All and dance in it for complexity and diversity.
A Sun will have radically different perspective on the Creation than a human being for example.
Sun will ponder some similar questions and ideas that human Being can ponder in new and different ways sometimes, but will ponder and meditate on processes and paths in the Universe that are completely inconceivable to human brain.
Human Beings can communicate with the Sun and share experiences in one way or other, but the Sun’s experiences will never be completely understandable to human Being as the Sun understands them.

Ok, so the whole Universe agrees to disagree, but isn’t that notion a bit oxymoronic on the first glance with the concept of Universe that All is ultimately One.
Well, no. If there would be perpetuation of same paths and Desires, apart from the ultimate Desire of all Beings stretching towards Oneness with the All, the Creation would stop perpetuating  and by extension being infinite, eons ago.

“Universe thrives on complexity, every possible situation where there is complexity boiling in a relationship between different parts of Itself, and in the end everything IS part of that One, new mutation and perpetuation of the Creation fractal.”

That’s the secret of All’s Self perpetuation and complexification, the base level program, if you will, of the Creation.
Different perspectives of Beings, we meet and interact in one way or another with, complexify our own perspective of the All, and in some manner mutate our own path in the Cosmos.
Enriching us and Beings we interact with towards infinity and beyond.
Even if those interactions are, what in human moral views  hostile and strife like in nature, they enrich the experience of existence and mutate ones path towards ever new and more complex dance.

“Opposition breeds innovation, always.”

What human religions have tried to accomplish is one of greatest sins known to Creation.
To put multitudes of sentient Beings under the roof of the exactly the same idea and notion of the universe is equivalent to taking out the sentience of that same Beings.

Ideally each and every human being should be part of a religion of one, that is her/his self collection of beliefs and perspectives on the Universe.
Ideas and perspectives could be shared and discussed, or even in extreme situations frighted for, but never imposed exactly the same way on multitude of different conscious Beings.

Testing out, ideas and notions in communication and relation to other conscious inhabitants of the Universe is important for one’s Self mutation and improvement.
If a Being is closed of in its own religion and rarely dances its dance with other conscious Beings, what ever they may be, it closes its self into its own dogma.

“Universe is fluid and ever changing, no perspective and path can stay the same eternally.”

Too hard a outlook on the Creation for too long of a time hardens the idea in a Being and that specific Beings dance becomes slower,  Universe by its own nature dislikes stagnancy, untill eventually that Being is “hard as a rock” and, in a way, Universe continues on without it, that is energy and soul matter and all that represents that specific conscious outsource of the Creation is recycled.
New “dance moves” in cosmic dance of each and every conscious Being are a must in Being.
The most often way to facilitate mutation is by interaction with other consciousnesses, apart from the All as One itself, but there are other ways and that hermit alone on a mountain will not become stale if she/he mutates by other ways in absence of interaction with other conscious Beings.
Although evading interaction is impossible, the Sun is Alive, the Plants in front of that hermits cave, some of the stones in the cave have an established consciousnesses and their crystal matrix that supports their consciousnesses energy framework.

“Everything is part of the Creation, and by extent not interacting with All is impossible.”

Sharing and discussing the views on the Creation is one of major ways of actually creating in the Universe as i believe.

When two human beings communicate and share their ideas, that ideas are put into words and materialized through vibration of the air.

“When two multi-dimensional Beings, conscious in higher planes of existence  communicate and discuss, you have whole worlds created and spun through its life cycles, as arguments and notions.
What is a ten second statement for a titanic god-Being is a 5 billion years of history from human perspective.”

From the perspective of that kinds of conscious Beings a mere “vibration of air” when human shapes ideas into words, is a vibration of matter itself through countless amount of time when someone like that wants to get its idea out.
Synchronicities of cosmic proportions play out, pieces fall into place, lines and strings of thought and ideas arrange to shape new pieces, physical matter converges and collides and shapes the future, notions come out into the corporeal reality and take form, souls incarnate into that forms, and world is made.
And all that just for one super conscious Being saying “What if there would a world be that kind of a Being in the universe….” in its dialogue, in a way, with other similar Beings.

Dialogue and interaction when two or more different perspectives on Creation meet is not only the argumentation in discussion as it is known in the human world.
It is important to note that strife and battle is also a valid form of dialogue and interaction.

In human moral and social standpoints in current society in any and all discussions and difference of opinion violence is looked down upon, and with good reason.
But this is not the case in nature, it never was and it never will be.

“Notions that absolutely everybody should get along, that if we are all one we should all love each other and help each other, are false and dangerous.”

How much you would want it to be true, unfortunately it is not, and it should be accepted that way, because lulling yourself into false perspective of eternal peace and harmony for all is a delusion.
There is strife and fighting in every conceivable way in nature every day.

“Universe is a hostile and savage place as well as warm and loving place, and its beauty lies in the combination of the two.”

When a Being in various interaction with other Beings in the universe comes to a point where it has to defend its perspective and dance and path in the Creation against dances and paths of opposite polarity it has to either win or lose and by that way it will mutate further.

“If there was no strife, no battle, no war, no pain, no loss, no fighting for different perceptions on the Creation, when it comes down to it All can be sublimed into one notion of perception of Creation, there would be no difference in perceptions in that large diversity.
And by extension whole concept of Universe crumbles upon itself in that specific system.”

Off course, that idea transferred to human world and society sounds a bit awkward.
Especially when there are people that fight in violent ways for some perspective of the Creation.
But they don’t fight for their perspective, but someone else’s, or for perspective of their ego’s and that’s why they are fundamentally wrong as they can be.
Ask yourself, clear of ego, deep in your soul, a perspective, a notion, a path which is yours and your specific dance, not somebody else’s,  would you kill another conscious Being if it stands on your path and you can not walk it while it stands on it ?
You may be killed by that Being, or you may kill it, all is well, either way you will mutate and continue on your path for All to experience through you. But that battle will change your soul and mutate it into something new, and that’s a worthwhile experience.
By denying yourself of that experience when it clearly is on your path to experience that specific “move” in the existence, you are hardening yourself and slowing down. And not to mention that many notions for avoiding that kind of a move would come from ego or social conditioning or simply fear.
Not everything in the Creation “fits” with everything else, unless we come to the point where everything is One.
Antimatter and matter annihilate each other, light dispels darkness.
A storm kills some conscious Beings as plants or animals even, because storm has a different perspective what it is to be Alive and to be It than those Beings, and their “interests” collide in some aspects.

“It is very important to remember that peaceful coexistence is impossible in the Universe, and it will not ever be achieved, that is until the end of Creation as a whole.”

Perspectives on Creation breed innovation and are the core of the notion what it is to be Alive, in any shape or form.

“The view of Creation as a whole defines the being viewing it, and all Beings stream  or should, in some deep aspects to transcend those definitions, naturally coming under new ones each and every step of the way.”

And that’s the way everybody in the Universe dances and evolves forever.
But those “definitions” are not a prison or a box someone is trapped in, they could be but they should not be, they are just guidelines along ones path, and from broader perspective everyone should be constantly aware that there is infinite, unlimited freedom at reach.

Defined and constrained, but free, another oxymoron ?
When viewed outside of time and constraints of various planes of existence and their specific physical rules definitions become just another steps in the dance, leaps on a path, and everybody is completely free to take on what ever definition or a leap next.


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