Magic in practice

What is magic from a practical, result driven, standpoint ?

Simply put, Magick is the ultimate facilitator in the universe. Magically entangled action streaming from which ever “corner” of the universe can affect seemingly unrelated events, beings and its tendrils touch all, from corporeal to non-corporeal matter. It is ever more present in each and every part of our daily lives, whether people are aware of it or not, and in Cosmos as a whole.

” There are no coincidences if you look from “high” enough position, that is, closer to the source where All is One. Magic often works in exactly those pathways that can be deemed “coincidences” . “

And that’s why results sometimes come in a manner that is not completely predictable. Results of an siphoning act of  the cosmic facilitator force towards some direct goal in mundane, corporeal, world, as well as in higher dimensions comes in many shades and flavors. It will always come out in a way that is the absolute best for the Universe at large and its perpetuation, but for the Being dancing out the patterns and shapes of Magick towards some goal it may not always seem as a strictly desired outcome, or sometimes any outcome at all, especially concerning results in more solidified realities, as is this three dimensional reality for instance.


How does magic play out in the Creation  ?

Firstly, Magick is done with various ways of energy manipulation, direction, accumulation and release.

” Energy, as in three dimensional physics so in higher dimensional physics as well, is indestructible, once released energy towards a certain direction does not simply go away and dissipate no matter how it may seem at times. “

What is that “energy”, how it differs from types of energy that are known in modern day physics and scientific cosmology ? I believe that the energy that is mentioned when talking about magic is the “base line” energy steaming from the underlying grid of potentiality in the Universe. From that potentiality every energy type stems (you can liken that to a theoretical “higgs field” that scientist are trying to prove or something similar) and ultimately some energy types solidify into matter, which is just another type of energy only more solid. Magical energy , to call it that way, is in my opinion the baseline energy form protruding from the sea of potentiality at the “bottom of the Universe”, from it and parallel to it all other kinds of energy manifest and came into existence such as electromagnetic energy, force of gravity (which is energy in its root as well), nuclear and so on. There is that specific magical energy, which i will call just energy from now on, in each and every manifestation from basic potentiality. I mean, with each end every photon, electron…etc, there is a specific “magical charge” alongside the measured and documented properties of energetic particles, consequently that applies to bigger objects than particles in the Universe, call it magical polarity of an object, it’s specific hue, odor, shape as far as Magick is concerned. That’s why it is everywhere intertwined and it could influence everything no matter how “logically disconnected” in some perspectives one thing from another is.

” Different things in various environments have different energetic aspirations in the universe, depending on the charge that consciousnesses around them brush of or pour out onto them in multitude of various ways. One of the specifics of sorcerous dance is exploration of the paths that energies flow through and channeling that energy in ever new and unique ways from one place and environment  towards another, creating new mutations in the streams of Magick. “


Magic is connected to everything ?

That’s where sympathetic connections come into play, especially in corporeal world. When something is sympathetically charged, it has in some extent similar polarity of its energy to the polarity of energy connected to or contained in multitude of other things in the Cosmos. And in a peculiar way that fashions a connection between two or more objects in the universe via energetical sympathetics  and where there is connection there is communication and possibility of correlation and influence as well. For example, a red candle is sympathetically charged towards the polarity of passion, action, sex, general magnetization..etc. The polarity of red candle via collective subconscious  polarity and vibration of a color itself, of the object, the candle in this case, of the combination of all that, of the all rituals and spells and thoughts towards it that anyone has ever made, is shaped and colored that way and it is energetically connected with the forces of nature and objects that share the same sympathetic energetical charge ( that somewhat reminds me of the “spin” property in subatomic particles in physics ). There are much deeper connections between two things in the Universe than sympathies on a basic level such as color, shape, astral determination ( that are the sympathies determined by collective subconscious or natural affinities and charges on astral and higher planes of existence )..etc. An Angel for instance, has a kind of a sympathy connection with specific view towards All, a galaxy has it’s sympathetic connections with other parts of Creation which don’t seem like that from a human perspective.

” Everything in Creation can in some way relate and connect via sympathies with everything else, that what magic is for. “


Extra corporeal techniques do not have to be magick in the strictest sense ?

Psionic techniques and skills that can be learned and trained, because human body has natural affinity, in some cases, towards those disciplines of the mind, such as psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation …etc, are not magick per se. That disciplines do not utilize magical energy in such a way that a opening of corners and magical circle in a ritual uses. That abilities use other, more conventional, kinds of energy (electromagnetic, nuclear…etc) to achieve that extra ordinary feats.

” Magick is often the indirect, undefined, unconventional, new and unique route from point a to point b or c as far as Universe is concerned.”

When there are more or less solidified and set energies, skills and abilities playing out in accordance with the rules of the physical plane as well as any other if the action is unfolding there, than this is more the domain of psionics than magic, but keep in mind that often fields overlap.

“No magical undertakings should, and in fact are done, twice exactly the same way.”

Where in psionic disciplines there is a inborn ( yes, I do believe that there are people that are born with stronger potential for certain psionic abilities ) or learned, rehearsed and practiced ability at play. Repeating the methods and actions that show concrete and good results is fine, but always with small permutations and changes, because Universe itself is dependent on mutation and that should be respected in every no matter how small part of It. When someone repeat’s the ritual exactly the same way over and over again it weakens the ritual each and every time it is repeated, and if many different Beings repeat exactly the same ritual through time that specific ritual, or spell, will cease to function if changes to it are not made. That way the practitioner is accidentally, or purposely  trying to fix and harden the flow of forces with certain flavored energies and in a sense makes an firmer and defined discipline out of it, yes sometimes a spell or a ritual can become something likened to a psionic discipline and engrave itself onto the brain patterns and energy patterns of the Being using it. But not all spells and rituals could be manifested that way and the practitioner, if intently doing exactly that,  is often aware what she or he is doing and consciously strives to mold the magical undertaking into a firmer mental discipline. That’s why many fixed spells and rituals which can be found online work much much less than they are supposed to, if done exactly the same way it is prescribed. Every conscious Being is unique and should dance out it’s twirl and spin of magickal dance with her or his unique way. Off course, general outlines of many rituals and spells are there to learn from and try out and use, and they work, same as correspondences and all that, but even the same ritual done over and over again should mutate over time, staying that same ritual but also different in many aspects.

” Magic is all about experimenting, shaping reality a new and unveiling new frontiers, when that dance of experimentation and stretching out into unknown, immutable, unknowable stops and it becomes firmer and fixed, magick stops. “

The rivers of Magick must at all times be allowed to flow freely through All and touched, caressed and entwined just right to direct the energies towards the goal. It’s not a car, a computer program, a dish-washing machine or your get me free whatever button, that makes exactly the same thing every time that it is pressed. For that you utilize and practice other abilities inherent and latent in human body, which can be trained and developed with the help of magic. Each time you try to get magical goal use different routes, or similar routes but do something differently, no matter how small thing, and many small things over time change and mutate the magickal ritual into something else with same intent and goal as before but on a novel path towards its goal, ensuring the diversity in your magical aspect of your dance.

” Magic is all about diversity and threading uncharted paths, not charting them even, just threading and swimming in ocean of mystery towards the island you seek. That’s why magic is scientifically unprovable, there is nothing specific or measurable in it. Only the result can be measured and observed and even that is subject to relativity, perspective and the ebb and flow of the Cosmos.”


Why it simply does not seem to work sometimes, or does it ?

So if someone made a magical spell towards a certain goal and it failed from the perspective of the initiator of that particular spell, that energy used in that particular spell, directed towards its goal, didn’t vanish.
Maybe it was of too weak charge to “move” the “goal” towards desired place, maybe it worked but the practitioner didn’t perceive it, expecting rigidly one type of result in her/his mind and failing to notice synchronicities and pathways which have opened towards her/his goal, maybe someone or something stopped it in its tracks and rerouted energy from its goal towards different target with similar polarity as the original intended result.

Imagine a game, not dissimilar to a sports game, both teams start from even score, which is zero.
Now you’r team, that is you, have magickaly influenced the playing field and environment to fit in alongside and towards your victory and essentially you start now with two points or more in the lead.
Despite your lead by a few points at the moment of the start of the game, you still could loose if the opposing team scores more than your initial points which you manifested by magick for your team.
Or you could have an absolute victory and in the end it turns out that you didn’t had to tweak probabilities to your side at all, because there were large probability for you to win in the start.
That’s how it is with magick, nothing assures “your victory”, if the stars are massively aligned against you and your cause you won’t win no matter what you do.
But sometimes going above and beyond for the goal and spinning right ritual in a right time by connecting to right strings and sympathies of Universe could be just that what is needed to turn the tide.

“For a successful outcome as many as possible pathways need to be opened and accessible concerning particular goal.
If someone wants to find and manifest for her/him self a better living environment that person needs to open as much as possible pathways towards that goal alongside magickal action.”

For a new house a person needs to actively look for houses and open the possibility for getting a new house in another environment, if the money is the problem a person needs to open itself towards getting money for that house, playing the lottery, accepting tasks and duties on a workplace that she/he didn’t accepted before, trying some new way of earning money, and it just might happen that those pathways a person has opened yield much more results than expected.
Also it can happen that a person first looses the old house and living its environment making many more doors open for a manifestation of the goal from before in shortest amount of time possible, which can be a few years for a spell like mentioned above taking three dimensional world causality, ebb and flow into account.
In that case the shortsightedness might show that the spell has completely botched and in fact worsened the situation, but in reality the case is completely different.
That person needed to lose her/his house and maybe even live on a street for a few months, in extreme example, for the possibility of being at the just the right place in just the right time 6 months down the line where the dominoes of cause and effect will kick in launching that person into a new home and more suitable environment a year and a half after releasing the spell and energies with it towards that particular goal.

Loosing Faith in a Beings work and intent in some of more tricky stages of various roads towards a goal that is being manifested can seriously lower the chances of a magickal action in its unveilment.
Also, the so called “lust for result” can botch the sorcerous undertaking as well, so fine balance is needed at all times between overzealous belief in the outcome that it becomes”lust for result” and apathy of failure that in turn nullifies the good outcome which i just behind the next hill.

“Thoughts are energy and negative thoughts towards a particular goal for someone can be like mini curses unleashed by a person on her/him self, and too much clinging thoughts towards the goal can turn the goal rotten.”

Because a person has relived and wished times and times again the result in her/his head, thus simply put, for all Universe cares that person has reached the goal and experienced that, be it in persons head or in the consensual reality is a matter of perspective. Ego connects very well with the Beings preferences for a future events, and when ego is overly active in any aspect of life it becomes louder than God in that aspect of Life and a Being is falling into its own trap, consequently detaching her/him self from the Universe in that aspect and indulging in its own mini reality, courtesy of ego.
In higher dimensions and realities path to success of magical undertaking is much better understood  for the very case of diminished or almost dissolved ego, making the outlook more broader and relaxed towards the state, movement and action of the immediate and farther forces at play in a given dance.



There are a lot of forces in the Creation at work entangled and overlapped in any part of the All, even in most mundane parts which are taken for granted usually.

Much more stuff influences other stuff each and every moment than apparent even to the most observing Beings, and to weave in the specific desire and manifest it through all this overlapping and intertwined waves Creations dance is an art onto itself.
Everything is always bigger and more beautifully connected than it is perceived no matter how vast the scope of things a conscious Being perceives. And that’s the beauty of Magick, there is always room for it to surprise  to unleash the utmost mystery and awe in most unexpected ways no matter how much is demystified and discovered by a Dancer, it always engulfs by its shimmering and lulling along the flows of Creation mutating and manifesting within it’s paths ever new ones, ever enriching itself and by extent the Cosmos as a whole.

“That is Magick, the ultimate potential for Unexpected, for Mystery, for Innovation woven through All.”

There is Love and Beauty in Magick itself as it unfolds and from potentiality blossoms and than dissolves again leaving as  a trace, a new patch of skin on the body of The Cosmos.

“Magick because of Magick becomes the goal and a kind of  modus operandi of sorcerous Dancers in the Creation.”


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