Enter the Dreamscape of Creation

…or what is it all about.

I suppose i should start with most obvious question of all, which is:

“What is magic and how does it tie up with the world we know and have met since day of our birth?”

I can answer what do i believe magic is and how it unfolds in the world as i have experienced for myself.
Nobody has “the right” to proclaim and set “truths” that should be viewed as absolute and dogmatic for everybody. The perspectives of conscious life are highly relative and dependent on environment and thus it is impossible to set fixed “definitions” of things that are in the realms outside of the world we perceive, which is in our case a three dimensional material world.
A whale can have completely different perception of magic than a star or a god and that is true and distinct from another human being to another as well.
 There are some “truths” that could be looked upon as “guidelines”  in the right direction in the effort to pierce the veil of reality, someone is born to, towards higher realities and ultimately God but that truths should be looked upon more as axioms of guidance and signposts on the roads through the Universe.

And with this i slowly set out the basis outlook which the reader should have in reading all subsequent information i present here.
I will write in this blog about magic and spirituality as i see it in the Universe and Life in practice, for some people those two things are not so much intertwined but for me and my personal path they are inseparable and i believe that this may be true for other people as well, this blog is for them mostly.

My intention is to help out other souls on similar path, to inspire or to guide a certain step or two by my experiences.
If only one person has found help, inspiration or confirmation in this words i deem my effort a complete success.
So continue reading here where i will set some “basis” of my view on the universe with the hope the reader can understand better other posts on this blog.
And Be Blessed by any forces in the Cosmos You are aligned with while reading this.

There are three types of topics i will write about, every topic has a slight introduction and settling of  “foundation” in terms and my personal believes on its own page.
I recommend reading that first so the reader can get a better idea of my notions and perspective about the Universe.

    •  “Perspectives of Creation” are thoughts about spirituality and Creation as a whole, theories, perspectives and experiences that i have encountered and learned through my life.
    • Cosmic Dancers” are my personal experiences with other beings in Universe, many of which are living beings existing outside corporeal realm such as gods, spirits, angels, faeries…etc but also some that share this world with us but with a broader outlook on their existence such as trees, animals, stars…etc
    • Magic in practice” is the part where i share my personal experiences with various magical techniques and methods that have worked for me personally.

Now that a few guiding signposts on the path of reading this are set, i will continue with a slight introduction for a better understanding what i want to convey here.

As i said there is no absolute truths in the Creation and all depends on perspectives, some beings share mutually more similar perspectives, some don’t and thats the basis for difference among all forms of conscious Life in Creation and for interaction among that Life which creates and perpetuates Creation as a Whole.

Actually there is one Truth i believe to be ultimately “The Truth”.

“All of Creation with all of its parts is ultimately One and that is God”

*God with capital “G” is All that is in existence as a whole.

And God consciousness experiences Life within itself through each and every conscious Alive Being within it, within Creation that is.
Everything else is a matter of perspective but this is basis that is proven times and times again and again by many different spiritual, religious, philosophical and personal experiences through history.
And for me personally it is proven to be implicitly correct from which ever perspective i try to look upon the Universe and which ever path i look down upon through the my life in the Universe.
I also do believe and have experienced many times that

“Everything in the Universe is Alive and Conscious in its own way to some extent.”

The Sun is conscious, the Earth, Trees, Animals, Sky… everything that is not man (or some other crafty type of conscious Life in the universe, on some other planet) made is conscious.
The desk in your room is not as with other man made (artificial) objects but some day (or in some other place in the universe) that may not be true.
Everything has its “body” and its own perspective.
The Earth has a body of a planet and senses that a planet has, perspective on the Universe that a planet has and can say “I am” in a way that a planet would say it on a “language” that planet has.
She has different senses than you or me, has different perspective and cant communicate directly to you as i can or you can with other people on this world but thats only the difference in language. You can not say that some person from other country is not Alive and conscious because you don’t understand what it is saying, also you can not say that some being from other planet is not conscious because it has different senses and type of communication than humans have.
Animals are conscious and feel emotions, plants as well, that has even been proven to some extent by modern science and should be taken to heart.
In daily life, each and every second everyone should be aware of emerging conscious Life around them.

“God is consciousness and by extent we can discern that all parts of It are conscious in their own specific way as well.”

Another assertion that i would like to propose here is that the Universe, All of Creation, proliferates in ever more new and original ways in which ever “direction” you look, be it in three dimensional space or in other dimensions or planes in Existence.

“Everything mutates and changes over time in accordance to its basic shape, structure, position and environment , in a fractal like manner.”

Anything or anyone that becomes static in its behavior and interaction with other parts of Creation is forced to mutate by environment in a string of causal events and synchronicities whatever that may be and work for that particular being.
Systematic avoidance of that cues from the Universe for change leads to dissolution and loss of consciousness for that particular conscious being, be it a human being or a star or a god.
Off course for each type of  Life there is a different outlook on what is stagnancy and what is not.
For example, a star burning helium for 3 million years is not stagnant but a star burning helium for 7 million years, for example, and failing to “mutate” so it can fuse oxygen in its core (be it from lack of mass or any other reason) slowly dies.
From our perspective life cycle of stars in three dimensional universe seems as something fixed and slow and without much room for mutations, but i believe that this is not the case, its only a matter of perspective.
 One particularly important axiom, in my opinion, that has been around for a time is

“As Above so Below”

I believe that this is true and applicable on evolution and mutation in any and all parts of Creation.
You can find examples all around you from the fractal patterns on leaves of plants to forms of galaxies in material universe, from composition of various non material levels of existence having some sort of  connection and sharing baseline properties with material levels of existence, to method of growth, life and mutation itself of various conscious Life in any and all parts of the Universe at large.
If you accept this simple axiom the movement and spread of everything in the universe becomes more apparent and it is indeed fractal like.

And now i come to the answer of the question i asked at the beginning of this introductory post.
“What is magic and how does it tie up with the world we know and have met since day of our birth?”
So with all above in mind where does magic some into play in all of that ?
Magic is the specific Dance integrating and communicating with all parts of the Universe that are in ones sphere of perception but not in a direct manner that any two or more types of Life can share among themselves.

“Magic is the language All conscious Life in creation instinctively shares and can tap into and be tapped from since its inception.”

So, for example we can talk in human language, plants can talk in plant ways and “language”, we can learn plant “language” and share in part their perception and language but with Magic all languages are superimposed and even if some specific plant does not understand magical language as well as a Sun does, that Sun can influence it just as the same as it said something on plant language.
Granted plant maybe will not understand the same way as if it was said in its own words but the goal of communication from the perspective of Sun will be more or less achieved, with consideration to Dance of other consciousnesses in that specific communication channel of magic.
And “The Dance” is the specific way a conscious Living Being of any shape, level or type operates, behaves and Lives within its natural and primary dimension and extended to all dimensions, or planes of existence, it can perceive by any means necessary.

Should every being in the universe practice some sort of Magic than ?
Well, in one way or another, in one time or another each and every being commits a feat of some sort of magic whether intentionally or unintentionally, for example incarnating in any type of a body on any plane of existence is magic.
But not all Beings in the universe practice “super conscious” act of magic in their existence and way of life in the Universe, thats why universe it is so vast, wonderful and a diverse place.
Those Beings who do,  get to know the Universe in a specific intimate way and gain specific perspectives which define them for the rest of the existence of their soul.
Its a specific ride and a collection of paths within the Creation that when understood and Danced out result in a specific experience distinct from all other experiences.


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