Cosmic Dancers

Who and what else is Alive in the Universe ?

In short, everything.
As the Creation as a whole is Alive and conscious of itself and all its parts thus all its parts must be conscious to some extent and as Universe, or God, experiences Herself through all of Her parts in that way all of parts of God are extension of that unique super-consciousness and conscious and Alive.

But not everything has the same “level” of consciousness. A closet, or a house is not conscious in most cases.
It can be, universe does not forbid that kind of an experience, but it is not likely.
That “non alive” objects have some sort of energy stored in them always, mostly it is the result of some conscious being using them or living close to them and energy mostly brushes off and sticks to some extent to particular object.
Emotional states, experiences in the vicinity of the object and all of that influences what kind of energy will a table have or a closet or will some house be as haunted or cozy and safe.
Just to note, in cases of haunted houses there is often some sort of non corporeal being involved as well but basic energy collected in it also influences on the “mood” of the space.

So what determines what is alive and what is not in the universe ?

“The ability to communicate with other conscious Life on what ever level in what ever form and by extension the ability to communicate with God.”

A chair can have sticked to it energy of centuries and all kinds of beings being on it or around it, and can release that vibration back to the universe, like a piece of hot iron cooling off, but it can not communicate its “stance” in the Creation as a whole to someone, it can not “Dance” its specific unique Dance and influence other conscious Beings and help mutate them and itself  in its perspective on All and its co-relation with all parts of it.
it can be argued that energy that particular chair releases influences other Beings and communicates in a way.
But can that chair say to itself and to God “We are One and experience All through Your part that is Me” ? No, it cant.

That is the difference between Alive parts of the universe and somewhat inert or silent extensions of Alive consciousnesses.
Extensions of Living Beings in a way that your house is an extension of You in some aspects, because it is mostly filled with your vibration and in some cases You act in a world in accordance to it, as is with all things, the more personal thing the more is connected to the owner even after owner moves to another plane of existence.
As your skin cells are connected to You and sometimes you act in accordance to them.

Now that it is determined what is not Alive, what else is there that is Alive ?
Everything else, from plants, animals,crystals to stars, galaxies and Universes.
You can communicate with plants or crystals or even stars, you just need to know their language.
And if you don’t, on the highest levels of reality close to the perspective where everything is One you feel and see urging towards and dance out from God in all of that living Beings.

“The inherent inborn capability to know God, whether it is actively used at the moment or not, determines the ability to communicate with the rest of the Universe as a part of a system in which everything is One.”

Lack of usage of that ability to the point of becoming stationary  in respect to the God-consciousness and stopping its Dance through considerable amount of stories, that entwine and intertwine through a Being and its causal Life in three dimensional plane or any other, and in essence forgetting that a Being has that ability, leads to “loss of consciousness” and a Being can not be considered Alive anymore.
I believe that there are human beings on Earth right now that lost their consciousness, and no matter if they walk, talk and breathe like you or me, they are not Alive just as a chair is not alive, only thing they have is energy imprint from Earth and Sun and all that is alive around them same as a cancerous growth in a person has the energy imprint of that person.

Who are gods than in this story ?

“Gods are conscious Beings that are Living and Dancing in a multitude of realities at once with a conscious intent.” 

Gods can be incarnated in three dimensional plane, or astral plane just as everyone else. But the main difference is that god consciousnesses are aware of their position in accordance to the All, and actively Dance out each and every one its own story to put it that way.
Human beings can be aware of higher realities and God, but not all of them can juggle all of that from their conscious perspective and be active in All.
Some are just observers to Universe and all its part all the way to God, various experiences and vision quests and altering of perceptions leads to various observations but some are being observed and are actively participating, Dancing, within all of the multiverse of realities they can reach.
There are incarnated human beings that are  actively participating in the Universe or parts of it that are woven through particular Dance of a Being, those people are on their way to become or even incarnated parts of some god or goddess.
And that is, what i believe, the point of this particular changing times we are living through and corporeal three dimensional existence as a whole.

Each and every one of Living Beings experiences different things in corporeal reality as well as in other realities.
But by corporeal reality being the primary reality someone is incarnated into it influences the most on a particular Being and by the actions of that Being and particular stance towards everything Alive around it, its specific Dance is being created from below in three dimensional reality to above when Being swirls and spins towards God in its unique way.
The nature of a prior dance to incarnation of a conscious multi reality Being determines the path in life, the aesthetic preferences in what ever field mind or hand can touch, and some aspects of character of a person than can, but don’t have to, develop. Experience for even one lifetime of three dimensional reality being primary can change a lot on a being so it is the most influencing factor in a development and perpetuation of a Dance.
And by extend correlation of a Being between reality that is anchored in and all other that it can access.
So specific Dance of a conscious Being is constantly created anew by forces and experiences from all that is and can be in the view of a particular Being.
Off course, inherent to human condition in this three dimensional reality is the “trap of ego”, and

” by acting out completely from ego to specific impulses from the world around someone, that particular someone is shutting itself to Universe and God by extent and its dancing its “private dance” in three dimensional reality “

 but not participating much in Reality as a whole, except by turning itself into “prop of the universe” the same way chair or a desk is a non Alive prop in the Universe.

There are various levels of realities in which some conscious Being can Dance as a god or a goddess, various “niches” in the Universe and perspectives from which specific dance is unveiled.
And by extent it could be concluded that all conscious beings Dancing in the Universe in what ever place and aspect they are can be and are in fact gods. And that is true, thats why i like more the term “Cosmic Dancers” than gods in a human mythological sense.
Because a fairy occupying part of three dimensional plane and astral plane as well is a Cosmic Dancer, an Angel is Dancer as well, just the same as goddess Hecate is a Cosmic Dancer.

“Gods in mythological sense are super Being conglomerates of often more than one Cosmic Dancers creating a sort of Living consciousness as all your cells in body create your body.”

And all of them are alive just as you or me, each and every part of that broader Living consciousness Dances out its own dance which complements the Dance of god-Being as a whole.
Thats why all those myths and stories of gods incarnated on Earth, or anywhere else.
The part of god-Being, which is a part of God as a whole naturally, is incarnated into a specific reality and its experiencing and Dancing for itself but also for god which is a part of, so they all together mutate and experience and Dance in the universe.
Incarnated part is like a finger on a hand making a specific move and complementing the moves of dancer as a whole in its choreography.
Without specific finger twitch the Dance would not be the same and all moves are part of some bigger move in the Dance.

“Many parts in its choreography determine the whole which in turn determines the shape and movement of its parts”

Imagine a god-being, a multi dimensional Living Being with a perspective on the universe so broad that a three dimensional reality looks to she or he like a simple drawing on a piece of paper for you or me.
That Being extending its finger and touching that piece of paper extends its Dance on that drawing as well.
It can influence drawing by moving and acting on it in accordance to its specific dance and shape, size and color, than for example a divinity presiding over forces of wind will look like a gust of wind in three dimensional reality, where in truth only skin cells on the tip of its finger are visible and that skin cells are a gust of wind.
Also it can keep his finger on a piece of paper and draw a circle with it, in essence incarnating in that particular reality and becoming a conscious part of it, being able to look upon the Universe from the perspective of that circle that finger has drawn. And that determines god-Beings or goddesses and gods in human mythological sense.

There are many types of god-Beings in the Universe, on many levels of reality, some being cells of other even “larger” Beings, some Dancing its own Dance and maintaining a more direct route towards All-God. It all depends on aesthetics of a particular Being and its own Dance.

Human mythologies sniffed out and determined just some of gods in the vicinity and this part of the Universe as a whole, there are many more and i personally consider any Cosmic Dancer that at one time or another acts as an extension to a god-Being consciousness a goddess or a god.


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