Just Grow

The seed has a grown tree inside itself from its inception.
If the seed is damaged, rotted or broken tree will not grow as the image, hologram if you will, of the plant is broken.
Each and every one of beings in the existence plants hers or his seeds of Desires, of Faith, of Life, of Joy, of Ideas, of Dreams, of its Dance itself.

Just Grow pass the pain pass the fears

Just Grow pass the pain, pass the fears, into the light of your day in Blossoming of your soul.

Just as in physical nature there is a time for planting, a time for growth and time to bear fruit and after the life that strong and bold seed gave which grew and thrived it is time to whiter and die so growth can start and ultimately blossom again.
Death is a part of the the growth same as the Blossoming, it is contained in the idea created at the inception in the husk of the seed just as the flower or trunk is.
Some renew right away in its death and some die and rot, just to rise again in new form. The tree sheds leaves in winter, but lives on, only to blossom in spring, but the caterpillar dies in more thorough way through the winter of its life, imprisoned in a cocoon to emerge once again in the light of the sun as butterfly. Its the way of Life on Earth, maximum diversity following the same basic patterns and cycles.

“The song of Earth’s, or Gaia’s, Wisdom is Diversity through growth with every opportunity.”

Diversity is the path towards the proliferation and expansion of fractal of Life with utmost beauty as a goal.
The more the merrier the Earth says, not all shapes, sizes, colors and types of Seeds make it but those who don’t just change again and again until they blossom, be it under the Sun, under the Night’s stars under the endless ocean or between concrete sidewalk.
Growth is through the constant change so the flower can unfold finally, growth is through struggle in darkness so the light can be harvested in full bloom, growth is in blossoming so the seeds can be picked to rise again one early spring morning.
And if that flame, no matter how small or large, inside is kept alive and focused towards the union of its warmth with the warmth of the Sun or cold warmth of Stars there is no true death, only perpetuation until the petals unfold or change, until the influences are just right so the new flower can show its own unique Dance in the garden of constant changing diversity of Beauty.

“Uncertainty breeds fear and fear is the premature rot in any seed.”

How does the seed of a pine stand firm against its form “fear” and uncertainty?
It does not, it slowly but surely grows until it has broken the dirt and unfolded the leaves and thickened the branches and trunk as it goes farther and farther up without stopping for the uncertainty of its slow and sure persistent rise.

Pine grows by instinct taller and taller without a moments thought for dangers and fears

Tree grows by instinct taller and taller without a moments thought for dangers and fears.

For physical seeds the “fear” is the possibility of rot, lack of nutrients, lack of sunshine, animals and many more various dangers.
And the tree, as a living and breathing being same as you and me but slightly different, perpetuates and grows and feeds itself and grows taller as by instinct. It brushes the fear and danger aside, and just grows taller and taller. Instinct, in its many shapes in the branched out Life in its all patterns and moves of Dance, does not deal in possibilities and probabilities, it deals in facts of life in front of it. There is a place for many variations and possibilities in what ever Dance, be it of a flower or a god, and that place is with the fine tuning of its dance moves, color of its petals, ever changing path of its dance’s shape to some extent. But spinning in the Dance itself, its core trunk just grows.

“Some of the seeds don’t make it and they “do” their best, but nature recycles everything from organic matter to energy to the soul matter, and nothing is truly lost, only changed. True death is only by choice to sit down for a bit and stop dancing.”

That young tree to be that never got the chance will die to grow another day in the same or similar form, or completely different, but it is that same tree getting its chance to Live again and again just as everything else in the Universe.
Universe is infinite from our point of view and from the point of view of many other beings in many other types of Life on many levels of existence.
And that means that is infinite in time as well, given enough time each and every soul that yearns to Dance in which ever shape or form in the Creation gets its “chance”. That yearning is always pure from the hearth of the soul, that is the God Herself taking part in each and every living Dancer in Her. Impure wish is part of the obstacles in the many lessons of the path of Life, such as negative ego for human beings, and can not be ever fulfilled because it is not stemmed in the All.

Even in winter growth can go one no matter how  slow

Even in winter growth can go on no matter how slow.

But for the experience’s sake each and every living being of what ever form will have the fear of some form of death, no matter the knowledge or the experience in Dance, that fear has to be conquered again and again for the sake of mutation and perpetual change growing past that fear, in what ever shape it comes, is part of Cosmic play. And that fear is conquered by instinctive growth past it and ever onwards.

“We are all One in the end and All, that Is, is experiencing and living through each and every one of us, and She wants to grow in each and every possible way. So who are we to hinder Her Desire by our fears ?”

True and genuine desire and urge to grow comes from the All Herself into You, Me, Pine tree, a God, an Angel or any other Being in the Creation.
Desires and wishes that come from ego, that is a specific part of Life in corporeal human realm are not true and are not connected to You, your hearth if you will, through the Universe all the way to the “place where All is One”.

“So there it is, the wisdom of the seedling, the source of its audacity, and strength with which it overcomes sometimes immense obstacles is “Just Grow”.”

Spread your blossoming as seeds in a wind

Spread your beauty blossoming as seeds in a wind.

Don’t mind the hard forest floor through which you have to penetrate, don’t mind the occasional lack of sunshine for your leaves, don’t mind the dry seasons or the hard and cold winters, just grow past the fears, past the dangers and obstacles, ever higher, ever farther towards the Sun. And if You don’t make it, if you succumb to the harsh winter or the heavy drought, if you grow and grow and do not get a chance to blossom, don’t mind the withered leaves and broken branches on the forest floor, you’ll die in spite of your strength and beauty in your seed and when you renew and change, maybe only slightly and maybe more, you will get a chance to try again. If the seed is anchored in your soul and pure, the seed will grow to blossom before the end of the Universe,  just grow.

“Young tree does its best to conserve energy when it needs to and to flourish and grow stronger and taller when it is able to, and this is a part of life, the ebb and flow of life’s tides, but through all this it grows.
It does not fear the winter, it does its best and grows, it does not fear the drought it takes what ever water it can get its roots on and grows.
Any plant in any shape or form, be it a god or a human animal could grow that way.”

The Universe itself spreads and grows emanating through countless types of existence in countless realms and planes with uncountable number of beings in what ever shape or form imaginable and unimaginable by the human brain and sooner or later each and every, even the smallest, branch has its flower which grew through cold and dry, moist and hot until it can unfurl, untwine and Blossom. Adding its flower to the infinite diversity of colors and shapes in the Garden of Creation.

Diversity of possibilities is endless

Diversity of possibilities is endless and all will be manifested sooner or later into flowers contained in the whole of Creation.

At the end of infinity that beautiful Garden of Cosmos which is All will unveil its true nature as a Seed containing the fractal Tree that is All in One. And that Tree of trees, the infinite ever branching Creation seed that holds on its branches all the flowers there are, all the leaves that were, are and will be, in its Life and continual infinite unfolding, Just Grows.