Materialized Magic

Magic Is the ultimate language of the Creation. It works in any realm of density and any type of manifested Universe, and along that lines it works in any and all parts of physical Universe that we cohabit.
Off course with respect to the “rules” or symbols, if you will, of a given place from, or in which, you are dancing out a magical act.
There are kind of a limited number of “conduits” for magical work from any given perception, as long as this outlook is limited to a range of one or more realms of various density such as three dimensional realm we are anchored in and astral realms or even hyperspace.
With broader and unlimited perception there are more conduits and in ultimate reality there are limitless number of channels through which that underlying language of the Universe can be accessed and swam in.


Humankind since dawn of time had the urge to peek behind the veil.

So, how do you “magic-speak” from this crude and baseline three dimensional reality, using tools and viewpoints this reality provides.
In this sense i mean making connections to the Language which is Magic itself through more hard barriers of material world.
When in deep in meditation and basically when your awareness is in state of higher perception there are naturally more channels available, in respect of the place or density your conscious viewpoint occupies at the moment, but down here channels sometimes seem like few and in between, which is not true off course.

“Universe is equally prevailed with doors behind the veil, and there is always some kind of a veil you have to penetrate to dance and sing on the web of creation no matter if you are a human or a god.”

But when you take pieces of the material world ( symbols, plants, stones,candles,incenses…etc) your consciousness is anchored in and through them connect all the way to the spine of the universe. This is sympathetic magic on steroids.
Sympathetic kind of magical working has been with the humanity for thousands of years, from deep secluded villages in rainforests to the city or state rituals in ancient cultures. It is the essence of communing with the Universe in a shaping manner.
It is done in kind of light speak in deep meditations or psychedelic travels, it is done by that shaman in a jungle with his fetishes and feathers, it is done by urban chaos magician by his sigils and symbols.

There are lists and lists of correspondences and meanings to various kinds of material objects or phenomena.
But learning correspondences of plants, incenses, symbols and similar, and using those for achieving practical manifestations through magical ritual is only lower part of what can be achieved by crossing the veil directly from material, mundane, reality into All-encompassing Reality with the focus maintained in a simple and direct, even mundane, way. 

Sympathetic natural magic

There is magic in every thing.

Knowing, truly knowing, the deepest nature of a thing and its connections behind the veil is a feat that goes beyond of using the quartz crystal, old coin and sage for a ritual under a full moon with spoken predetermined chants and spells, goal of which is the manifestation of something material in best manner possible at a given time.
If you manage to see, really see and feel, divine Dancers and Flows in creation through that sage and crystal and coin below the full moon, which you know that is “only” reflected suns light and so much more at the same time, then you are making far bigger connection and farther step behind not only veil that parts this world and the otherworld but veils that exist on other density realms as well. The essence of that sage in your hand, what truly is in a Cosmic sense is what you stream for.
Not just a sage stick in your ritual, but the material manifestation of plant consciousness which has been generously given to you by the Universe and which could be your key to many more doors on many more veils than just what it corresponds to.
Becoming that sage stick and channeling Yourself as the Dancer in the universe with all the lessons and experience of that path which that plant passed from the inception of idea of plant life in the God Herself until now, can bring much more immediate realization and knowledge and can better focus your dance move through the veil.

“In essence you embalm yourself in the all that this plant can be connected to in what ever higher frequency realms all the way to point where All is One.”

And in that way you bathe in the truest essence of all the material tools you use at a given time.
That way you go beyond simple correspondences and work with each and every part of material world as it is the a key to other realms, which in fact it is.

From the Cosmic standpoint practical properties of various magical ingredients broaden their aspects as higher you go. So that wider view of influences one specific material thing in a magical working can have can be transfered all the way to corporeal realm.
But it is important to keep focus on the goal of a specific tool or ingredient, so your action does not spread too thin along the line of the veil.

For example a sunflower flower in my experience can be put to represent the blooming and blossoming the light of Sun, being the focus of a ritual that pushes that kind of motion in dance behind a veil.
That flower when encompassed by your being and embodied can be the symbol, or link if you will, to a Blossoming of the Universe itself, to a complete rapture in Joy and Bliss of the Shine of All. But being all that at the same time it has to have a “simpler” magical and spiritual use on the three dimensional and four dimensional realm.

That sunflower is All, just as you and me and everything around us, its meaning and experience of it, in it, can be broadened all the way to All of Creation.
But as a head of an arrow it is sharp and focused in physical realm to pierce the veil and commune in the language of magic behind it. Its barbs, like an arrow’s, spread out in realms close to crude physical, such as various astral realms and divine realms,  to encompass larger structures of thought and idea and essential types of flows of forces in the Universe.
The warmth, the principle of elemental fire, the plant principle of growth, the unboundedness in passionate blossom, all the cosmic Dancers connected in any way to that plant and all that they bring to the table with their specific flow of thought, idea, dance and outlook on Creation and much more.
All that focuses on the corporeal object in front of you, which is you in that moment of being and gnosis.
And above that the shaft of an arrow is stretched all the way to All, because all is All is One ( which is None ).


Gnosis is the point where the Veil of reality is wide open to You, all of You that ever was and will be.

“In such a way you have an arrow piercing the veil in the lowest and crudest of realms fired from the bow which is Creation and in extension Yourself who is one and the same with it.”

In that kind of action simplicity and innocence of physical organic motion and life, as is in corporeal world, is preserved in the act of magic. Subtle realms are reached without the need for high amount of energy, and preparation for the similar work by the means of ritualistically detaching from corporeal realm to be able to experience and dance in the higher realities.
It simply is done, just as any other act in life in general. For that to be achieved some experience in exploration and dancing through the Universe is needed.
First hand experience with other density realms and various flows of nature is paramount to gain a connection like that when needed.
Also, very useful tool in this kind of magical working is the ability to essentially become the object of focus, as it is and also as all that can be.

That way everything can and will be a connection to the whole of Creation and i do not mean that in a logical, analytical and dogmatic understanding of All as One but in the practical experience and dance through the simple corporeal items each and every time anew.